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Spring Pests

Spring is finally coming, and although we're all probably happy to have the nicer weather upon us, along with it comes much less likable things. Little pests that drive our poor furrbabies crazy! Fleas and ticks. These guys are no fun for our pups or for us. The things we have to do to prevent them from becoming a problem can be spendy, but well worth it! I'm hoping with this blog I can help you out a little.

Today I want to touch base on flea preventatives for your furrbabies. The first one is the only type of flea collar I would personally recommend and it is called a seresto collar. While these collars are a little pricey, they definitely do the job, as opposed to the cheaper collars we've been more commonly directed to over the years. One of the websites I liked to read about seresto collars was They last 8 months, they can be used safely for both cats and dogs, and they protect the whole body as opposed to just the area around the neck; they are worth it guys!

Now to talk about other forms of prevention. You have your oral preventative, which I don't have much experience with, but most of these come from your pups vet. Then there are your topical treatments which are more important than anything guys. My personal advice would be to always stick to one of the Frontline or K9Advantage/Advantix flea preventatives. There're several different types of these so you'll have research them to find the best fit for your animal. And always make sure they are safely used on the right pets! As a groomer I have had so many pups come to me with hair missing on the back of their neck from cheap flea preventatives. The cheaper brands will do this to your furrbaby and on top of that aren't very effective.

Last thing is treatment for your home and yard. You can do it yourself with different products, but I honestly find it easier to have a pest company that sprays for bugs in your yard and home. I personally think this is the safest way as well. Flea bombs and powders can leave behind residue that's not healthy for your pets or humans. Oh and always make sure to keep ticks in mind while choosing your preventatives!!

I hope this has helped and feel free to reach out with any questions! And good luck with those bugs this spring!

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