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Get Rid Of Those Winter Coats

Hey guys,

It's finally spring in Georgia🌻! So, with the weather warming up we all know the amount of hair our furry friends shed; they're losing their winter coats and some of it doesn't always fall out easily. It's important to keep them brushed out, especially if they are active outdoors! They'll appreciate getting rid of that dead hair so they can stay cool, plus you won't have as many kitty and doggy dust bunnies flying around the house. Brushing your pet daily is the best way to cut back on that hair in your home; it will also help keep them clean and soft 😻🐶! Different brushes work better for different dogs, sometimes a couple different brushes may even be needed. Feel free to ask any questions you have about grooming tools!

You can also bathe your pet once a week or so to keep a healthier coat, which will also help with the shedding. However, don't bathe your pet more than once a week because it can dry out their skin.

I hope this PAWSitively PURRfect Pet Tip helps you and your furry friends stay clean and cool this year, and don't forget to check in periodically for more tips, tricks, and promotions!


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